Ep 4: What is a “Friday Night Guy”

September 22, 2016

John Peabody and Taylor Wyman talk about what it takes for a player to reach the next level. The amount of work they need to put in, and what they need to sacrifice. They also take twitter questions, as well as give their world series picks.


Ep 3: Toe Tap vs Leg Kick

September 14, 2016

John Peabody and Taylor Wyman breakdown the difference between a toe tap vs a leg kick in a batting stance. John looks back at his periscope rant about high school fall ball, And they both share there CY Young picks for the year.


Ep 2: How to Hit In the Batting Cage

September 7, 2016

John Peabody and Taylor Wyman Discuss how to go about hitting in the cage, John gives tips as well as his general thoughts on the matter. Also, they both share there picks for who should win the NL and AL MVP.


Ep 1: John Peabody’s Story & Philosophy on Hitting

September 1, 2016

Taylor Wyman and John Peabody host their first podcast together. John shares his baseball history, as well as his overall philosophy on hitting. They touch on the product  "Blast Motion", and how technology can help hitters. Lastly, they break down Tim Tebow's chances as a big leaguer.