Ep 14: John Recaps the ABCA Convention & Gives Advice to Aspiring Hitting Coachs

January 13, 2017

John recaps the ABCA convention, talks about his son's first baseball lesson, and gives advice to up and coming hitting consultants.


Ep 13: Pros and Cons of Travel Ball

December 16, 2016

John Peabody takes Taylor Wyman through the pros and cons of travel ball, then then finish up predicting MLB free agency.


Ep 12: Advice For High School and College Players Going Pro

December 9, 2016

John Peabody and Taylor Wyman disscuss the pros and cons for hgh school and college players going pro, John talks about the best non MLB swing he's seen, and they finish up reviewing the Aroldis Chapman contract.


Ep 11: How to Improve Your Bat Speed

November 30, 2016

Taylor Wyman and John Peabody explain the best ways to improve your bat speed. They end the episode debating the top free agent in Major League Baseball this offseason.


Music by Lightning Cola


Ep 10: How to Generate Backspin With Your Swing

November 18, 2016

John Peabody and Taylor Wyman discuss how to create backspin on the ball with your swing. They touch on overcoaching, and finish up reacting to Kate Uptons CY Young Twiiter rampage.


Ep 9: How to Handle National Signing Day and Recruitment

November 10, 2016

Taylor Wyman and John Peabody discuss how players navigate national signing today vs 10 years ago, John answers a few fan questions on hitting, and they wrap up the show expalining why the Cubs wil repeat next year.


Ep 8: How to Engage Your Lower Half

October 20, 2016

John Peabody and Taylor Wyman discuss how hitters should go about engaging their lower half. John goes in depth from the start of the swing to the end, highlighting key sequences you should focus on. They wrap up the show by questioning the future of MLB bullpens, as well as who has been cheated out the the Hall of Fame.


Ep 7: Hitting Myths

October 12, 2016

John Peabody and Taylor Wyman discusses common terms used in hitting. They let you know whats a myth and whats real. Both give their opinion on instant replay, as well as the future of umpires.

Music: Lightning Cola

Ep 6: Approach and Pitch Recognition

October 4, 2016

John Peabody and Taylor Wyman take a look at how hitters should approach at bats, John shares some drills on how to better your pitch recognition, and they debate the top 5 hitters in the MLB right now.


Ep 5: Development vs Winning

September 29, 2016

John Peabady and Taylor Wyman discuss the balance between development and winning at the high school and college levels. They answer a twitter question about hand placement in regards to your swing, and talk about the most talented players in the MLB.